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Cub Cadet Z Force 60 Parts

Cub Cadet Z-Force 60 Parts

Cub Cadet Z-Force 60Cub Cadet Z-ForceS 60

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We sell and ship Cub Cadet Z-Force 54 Parts!

Proper maintenance keeps a mower in good shape during the mowing season. Maintenance is also involves preparing a mower for storage over the winter months. Always follow the instructions in your owner's manual, and be sure to use original Cub Cadet parts. On cubparts.com (this website), you can identify any replacement part numbers you may need. The Z-Force 54 has a 54" triple blade mower deck with greaseable blade spindles, several anti-scalping wheels and rollers, and a SmartJet deck wash system. The mower uses dual Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 hydro transmissions and a pivoting steel front axle.

Below is a list of parts commonly needed for the Z Force 54 zero turn mowers. Because part numbers change sometimes, be sure to find the diagrams for your model (use the link near the top of this page), and use the part numbers shown there.

ENGINE NO.: SV725-3020; Air Filter: KH-32-083-06-S; Blades (Outside): 942-04416; Blade Nut: 712-3078; Carburetor Repair Kit: KH-24-757-46-S; Carburetor Solenoid: KH-24-757-45-S; Choke Cable: 02000478; Deck Belt: 02000653; Deck Wheels: 634-3159; Discharge Chute: 01006693P; Fuel Cap: 951-12193A; Fuel Filter: KH-25-050-22-S1; Fuel Pump: KH-24-393-16; Ignition Module: KH-24-584-45-S; Ignition Switch Module: 925-1396A; Interlock Switch NO/NC: 925-3164A; Key: 625-05000; Oil Filter: KH-52-050-02-S; P.T.O. Belt: 01005012; P.T.O. Clutch: 01008434P; P.T.O. Switch: 925-04174; Pre-Filter: KH-32-083-08-S; Roller (Front & or Back): 731-3005; Roller (Back): 731-3005; Seat Switch: 01003277; Spark Plug: KH-25-132-12-S; Spindle Bolt (Center): 710-05110A; Spindle Bolt (Outside): 710-05417; Spindle Housing Assembly: 918-04426; Throttle Cable: 02000477P; Trans Drive Belt: 02002648; Voltage Regulator: KH-41-403-10-S; Water Nozzle Adapter: 921-04041; Operator's Manual: 769-08543; Illustrated Parts Listing: 769-08737