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Cub Cadet Model LTX1045 Lawn Tractor 

Cub Cadet's LTX series of lawn mowers is targeted at homeowners who have larger lawns or more challenging terrain to conquer each time their lawn needs attention. To that end, the company's LTX 1045 is a really powerful model that combines a solid engine with a heavy overall weight and a large mower deck. The model is well-suited for homes where challenging terrain is the rule, rather than the exception, and its heavier weight makes it a good match for those with larger lawns where long-term operator comfort is a top priority.

An Excellent Engine Sets the Stage for Powerful Operation

The Cub Cadet LTX 1045 is powered by a professional grade Kohler engine with a single cylinder. At first, a single cylinder engine might sound a bit underwhelming for the most challenging lawns. It's worth noting, though, that Kohler's professional grade single cylinder engines are widely respected as the most impressive and powerful models currently available for home riding mowers and many other applications. The engine is capable of powering the LTX 1045 despite the mower's 510-pound overall weight, which makes it even more impressive.

An automatic, hydrostatic transmission system is included with the LTX 1045 and, when paired with the Kohler engine, this makes for a very smooth riding experience throughout even the toughest lawns. The mower's 12-inch turning radius is the result of expert fine tuning between the engine and transmission, as well as the included power steering, and it's one of the tighter turning radius measurements currently available to consumers.

Excellent Safety Features and a Deck that Can Get the Job Done

Cub Cadet's LTX 1045 riding mower comes with a 46-inch mower deck that houses twin blades, making it larger than several lower-end LTX models sold by the company. The included twin blades can be adjusted up or down, allowing for a very precise and consistent cut at all levels throughout a homeowner's lawn.

The mower comes with cruise control, which allows it to drive at more than five miles per hour when going forward, all with great consistency. Oil change meters are indicated, as is an owner presence engagement system for added safety. Put together, the LTX 1045's accessories and safety features are impressive even among other Cub Cadet riding mower models.

Excellent Service and Support After Purchase

Cub Cadet riding mowers are well-supported after purchase, with access to a nationwide network of authorized retailers, like Cubparts.com, that is unsurpassed. OEM replacement parts, lookup tools and online parts diagrams, round out the company's commitment to long-term maintenance and mower repair for buyers.

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