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Summary of Cub Cadet LT 2138

As a company, Cub Cadet has long been adept at creating lightweight riding mowers that don't cut corners when it comes to power and maneuverability. That is certainly the case with the LT 2138, which the company rightly targets to home customers that want the right combination of power and portability. The riding mower comes with features that are often found more on commercial models, but it packs those features into a standard riding mower's size and shape. Its outward appearance is deceiving because there is enough power under the hood to handle most small- and medium-size lawns at any time of day.

Convenience and Performance Take Center Stage with the LT 2138

Mowing the lawn is probably not anyone's favorite activity or chore, but it's something that simply must be done. Its lack of excitement may not be easy to erase, but Cub Cadet has worked on making the process a bit more enjoyable with the LT 2138's built-in features. That includes cruise control freeing the operator from constantly applying pressure to the gas pedal in order to make the mower charge ahead.

When set to cruise, the powerful, single-cylinder Kohler engine can drive the mower ahead at a maximum rate of 5.5 mph. In reverse, that speed maxes out at about 3.5 mph. Its overall speed and ease of use is enhanced by a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission and a mere 100-pound total weight. Those two factors also give the mower a respectable 26.5-inch turning radius.

Safety and Maintenance are Top Priorities

There are risks associated with owning a lawn mower if appropriate precautions are not taken. Cub Cadet has worked to offset these risks with a number of built-in mechanisms, including an operator presence system, oil change indicators, neutral start, a brake pedal lock and several other enhancements. These features are perfect for first-time buyers and novice landscapers, and they're hard to find in many of the models that compete directly with the Cub Cadet LT 2138.

Further enhancing the company's commitment to maintenance routines is the wide availability of OEM replacement parts through a nationwide network of dealers like Shank's Lawn Equipment. With online parts, online parts diagrams and lookout tools, it's easy for buyers to find exactly what they need to keep their riding mower in top condition for a long time to come. That's a long-term win for both Cub Cadet and its loyal customers, and it should be a top choice for people shopping for new riding mowers.

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