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Cub Cadet Model LT1050 Tractor 

As one of the highest-end riding mowers sold by Cub Cadet in its LT 1000 series of mowers, homeowners are right to expect big things from this particularly model. Luckily, the powerful engine and other great features packed into the LT 1050 ensure that all of those expectations will be easily met. It all starts with a Kohler engine, which is accompanied by a number of smaller features and accessories that make mowing easier, safer, and more enjoyable for a wide variety of homeowners and amateur landscapers.

Internals and Externals Meld to Make the Perfect Mowing Experience

The LT 1050 by Cub Cadet is one of the company's few models for average homeowners that comes with a v-twin Kohler engine. Many of the more entry-level models come with a single cylinder engine that, while powerful, certainly won't compare favorably to the amount of power produced by this particular model. The powerful engine paired with this model means that homeowners will be able to travel forward at a maximum of 5 miles per hour, easily tackling even the largest lawn care and landscaping jobs.

A 50-inch mower deck, from which the mower's model number is derived, is another strong way to ensure that mowing will be done quickly and easily when behind the wheel of the LT 1050. Many competing models max out at a mower deck of 46 inches or 48 inches. That's pretty big, but the added diameter does make a noticeable difference on the job.

Best of all, the LT 1050 keeps its turning radius tight, at just 18 inches, ensuring a professional look each and every time. It also reduces the need to redo certain parts of the lawn that might be left behind due to a wide turning radius or an unintuitive handling experience behind the wheel.

Regular Maintenance is Not a Problem with the LT 1050

For homeowners who tend to forget regular maintenance, like oil changes and adding new fuel to their riding mower, the LT 1050 is the perfect purchase. The mower actually comes with a number of light-up indicators that can tell homeowners when it's time to add new oil or change it completely, and if the fuel is running low and needs to be replenished.

Cub Cadet's network of retailers, including Shank's Lawn Equipment, also carry a wide variety of OEM parts for maintenance or repairs. When paired with lookup tools and online parts diagrams, they're the perfect way to keep the mower in good repair during its many years of operation.

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