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Cub Cadet Model LT1046 Tractor 

Near the high end of Cub Cadet's LT 1000 series of home riding mowers is the LT 1046, a seriously weighty and powerful mower that can handle virtually any lawn and any terrain that homeowners might surround themselves with. Cub Cadet has spared no expense or feature with this mower, ensuring that it can stand the test of time after it has been purchased by Cub Cadet newcomers or avid fans of the company's power equipment products.

Part Mower, Part Car: A Long List of Heavy Duty Features

Perhaps one of the most exciting features about Cub Cadet's LT 1046 riding mower is its inclusion of vehicle-style disc brakes. There are few things more effective for precise mowing and added safety, and the enhanced handling and stopping promoted by these brakes is noticeable when compared to entry-level LT 1000 models or riding mowers from competing companies.

Also in line with the combination of mower and vehicle features is the Kohler engine that accompanies the LT 1046. The engine is seriously powerful, and it allows the mower to move upwards of 5 miles per hour when traveling forward. That's fast enough to get even the largest lawns done in record time, and it's a selling point for this model.

Headlights are another vehicle-like feature that comes standard with Cub Cadet's LT 1046 riding mower. The mower features bright lights that can take mowing well into dusk for most homeowners. In fact, they're bright enough to even get some work done in the dead of night for those homeowners who prefer to shy away from landscaping in the summer sun.

Smooth Driving and Expert Handling for Homeowners

The LT 1046 features a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that allows for smooth gear shifting and expert reversing. The mower can travel in reverse at just under 2.5 miles per hour, putting it ahead of many competing models. The 18-inch turning radius featured with this mower, and many of the others in the LT 1000 series, makes it perfect for professional-looking jobs in a wide variety of home lawn and gardening environments.

Best of all, the LT 1046 is backed by Cub Cadet's well-known reputation for outstanding service, repairs, and OEM parts. The company, through its network of retailers such as Shank's Lawn Equipment, provides OEM parts, online parts diagrams, and full service, for every regular maintenance need or advanced repair that the mower might require. With that kind of long-tern commitment, it's easy to see how the LT series of mowers can easily be a lifelong investment for serious home landscapers.

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