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For a seriously powerful and high-end mowing experience, few companies compare to Cub Cadet. That's especially true for homeowners who are looking to find the best combination of power and features for their money. This segment of the marketplace is best served by the company's LT 1000 series; specifically, the LT 1045 is perfect for demanding homeowners who want a commercial-grade experience from their riding mower without enduring the relatively greater bulk and purchase price of those models. With everything from a powerful engine and a sharp turning radius to headlights and a large fuel tank, this mower can handle even the most challenging tasks.

Versatility Defined: The LT 1045 Can Handle Just About Anything

One of the key selling points of Cub Cadet's LT 1000 series of mowers is that each model is designed to be a slight step up from the previous one, creating a line of riding mowers that are perfect for small lawns, rough terrains, and seriously large spaces, all without forcing buyers to consider competing manufacturers in the process. To that end, Cub Cadet's LT 1045 is designed to cater to homeowners who want the maximum amount of versatility from their purchase.

The single cylinder Kohler engine that powers the mower is one of the most powerful engines in this segment, making the LT 1045 capable of handling large lawns, steep terrain, and uneven landscapes surrounding homes in virtually any part of the country. Sharp turns are no problem, with a tight, 18-inch turning radius that allows for a professional lawn each and every time mowing is complete.

Best of all, the LT 1045 is one of the few riding mowers on the market to come with a complete set of headlights in the front. That means even the setting of the sun won't stop determined homeowners from getting out and mowing the lawn. And, as an added benefit, using the headlights during dusk significantly reduces the risk of a summer-killing sunburn in the process.

Plenty of Parts and Support for Cub Cadet's LT 1045 Riding Mower

Companies like Shank's Lawn Equipment are stocked full of OEM replacement parts for mowers like the LT 1045, giving it a way to stay in top running shape for decades after it has been purchased. With online parts diagrams, an online parts lookup tool, and expert technicians, Shank's Lawn Equipment and Cub Cadet's versatility are often a perfect fit for demanding homeowners.

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