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Cub Cadet LT1042

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Cub Cadet Model LT1042 Tractor 

Cub Cadet's reputation among homeowners is one that most competitors envy, with the company being highly respected as one of the leaders in powerful, lightweight, intuitive landscaping equipment for buyers of all experience levels and overall demands. As part of its commitment to homeowners who want a basic, but powerful, riding mower, the company has unleashed several models within its LT 1000 series of mowers. These riding mowers are backed by some of the industry's most powerful engines, and they bring a number of professional-grade features to the consumer market to make them a top choice among novice landscapers and professionals alike.

The LT 1042: Big Performance in a Relatively Small Package

There are a number of great models in the LT 1000 series of riding mowers sold by Cub Cadet, and each mower has its own unique audience that will most appreciate its unique features. The LT 1042 is targeted mostly to mid-range homeowners who have at least a medium-sized lawn. Its powerful engine and professional-grade manufacturing make it perfect for uneven terrain and unconventional mowing jobs, giving it a boost over both lower-end Cub Cadet models and competitors from other brand names.

The LT 1042 riding mower is powered by a Kohler engine that can propel the equipment forward at a maximum speed of 5.2 miles per hour. In combination with the hydrostatic transmission, gear shifts and reverse movements are a breeze; the mower can handle reverse movements at a pace of 2.3 miles per hour without any rocky starts or jumpy handling.

The powerful engine and transmission found with the LT 1042 are backed up by a 3.2-gallon fuel tank that will allow homeowners to get the job done without constantly refueling their mower. This relatively large fuel tank is a welcome addition to home riding mowers, which all too often suffer from underwhelming fuel storage and frequent pauses to fill the engine with gasoline.

Maintenance and Repairs: Excellent Support and Plenty of Parts for Buyers

For those considering Cub Cadet's LT 1042 riding mower, it's important to note that the company supports all models of its power equipment with a wide array of OEM parts that are just as good as the original parts found in any new Cub Cadet mower. The wide availability of OEM parts makes the Cub Cadet mower easier to own, maintain, and service, and is a welcome relief for most buyers.

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