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Cub Cadet LT1022 Parts

Cub Cadet LT1022 Parts

Cub Cadet LT1022

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Cub Cadet Model LT1022 Tractor: 

Customers in the market for a mid-range riding lawn mower to use around the home have a number of strong options, but the Cub Cadet LT 1022 might be the best of them all. The mower comes in a relatively standard size, making it perfect for homeowners who aren't comfortable with the larger riding mowers on the market, but its small size doesn't compromise its overall power or features. In fact, the LT 1022 is one of the more robust riding mowers targeted to homeowners by Cub Cadet or any power equipment company.

A Power Engine, Smooth Handling, and Cruise Control: No Compromises

One of the key things that draws customers to the Cub Cadet LT 1022 is it powerful engine, manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. As any serious power equipment enthusiast knows, there are few companies capable of producing small engines quite like Briggs & Stratton. The company remains one of the most storied and trusted names in engine manufacturing, and its reputation holds true for the LT 1022.

In addition to the powerful engine, the LT 1022 comes with smooth handling thanks to its hydrostatic transmission. The heavy-duty transmission doesn't cause the mower to jolt or lurch when it shifts gears or when it turns, which will come as a pleasant surprise to buyers. The engine and transmission can also be expertly controlled by a small, onboard computer, with built-in cruise control that sets a luxurious standard for home riding mowers.

Fast Work and Light Weight Set This Model Apart

The LT 1022 by Cub Cadet can travel up to 5.2 miles per hour when going forward, and roughly half that when put into reverse. That's a welcome boost of speed over many models, and it means that hardworking homeowners won't be outside in the heat for hour after hour when simply looking to mow the lawn. Further enhancing the mower's utility and speed is its relatively light weight, coming in at exactly 150 pounds. This also boosts its fuel efficiency, which can only be a good thing in an era of increasingly high gas prices.

OEM Parts and Plenty of Options for Buyers

With online parts diagrams, parts lookup tools, and a number of excellent authorized retailers like Shank's Lawn Equipment, Cub Cadet power equipment buyers have a wide range of ways to find parts, schedule repairs, or practice regular maintenance on their home riding mower.

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